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Dezhou Shuangli Building Materials Equipment Factory, located in Ningjin Baodian Industrial Park. Our factory is strong in technology, the machine is in high quality, develop new technologies and new products with technical institutions for a long time. We have launched three series over 40 varieties of building materials equipment.
   Series 1: Extrusion floor molding machine, push-type floor machine, column purlin molding machine, lintel wood molding machine, small aperture plate molding machine, large inclined panel forming machine, super thick big span pan international floor machine, and all kinds of shaped preform molding machine can be designed and customized according to customer needs.
   Series 2: Cement pipe machine, improved vertical pipe extrusion machine. Suspended cement pipe machine (reinforced type, GP series) and ground cement pipe machine (LP series) which belong to the third generation.
   Series 3: block press, equipment for rust cleaning, straightening and painting of building shelves tube, mine cement sleeper equipment, all are time-saving, easy to maintain, understand and operate with high strength, smooth surface, standard physical dimension and a long service life and reduced the cost of prefabricated units.
   Exquisite products, perfect service and competitive price are the business purpose of Shuangli,
   Product quality is the key to the winning in the market competition and the backbone of the enterprise development. On the basis of strict management, with the principle of Interest in Credibility, Quality and Service, Shuangli sincerely cooperate with all friends to reach mutual benefits.
Auxiliary equipment:
   All vibrators come from Anzhen Group (61 Yongan Street) in Anyang, Henan Province, which has the best quality, adjustable exciting force and the largest exports, security tag can be checked at any time. Motors are equipped with GB copper clad. We guarantee double indemnity to customers if any of the above is wrong.
  Over the years, Shuangli has established a large customer base throughout the country in Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Hebei, and Liaoning, Shanxi etc. with a great sales reputation, satisfying equipment feedback, reliable quality and reasonable price.
   Shuangli Building Materials Equipment Factory focuses on quality, service and management and treats customers as God forever. We offer a fast shipment of parts, lifelong maintenance and parts supply, customer visits and technical guidance are available 24 hours a day. We can teach clients the operating process and essentials, equipment maintenance, production experience and precautions on site to ensure the standard and quality of products.

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